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Indian Summer Restaurant


  • Transform a former retail shop into an F&B outlet
  • Install all required utilities and infrastructure to support a new restaurant

Concept, Design & Challenges

This client had existing restaurants in Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka, but this project would be their first flagship restaurant in Dubai. Their Dubai location had been a retail shop for sanitary fittings with a back-office area. The unit was an estimated 5500 sq ft and was not originally designed for an F&B outlet. There was no existing exhaust system, plumbing, fresh air intake, or gas system. The external facade was not suited for a restaurant. Additionally, the air conditioning was not sufficient to meet the client’s requirements.

With no proper services in place for a restaurant, a gas line to install, and approvals required, we also faced the challenge of created a kitchen set-up for veg and non-veg Indian food. To start the process, we installed an exhaust system and gas line by cutting through the slab in place and routing it through the building’s air well to the terrace, as per municipality regulations. The client also wanted a fine dining look and feel, but the project still needed to be economical. We had to create a look to fit the client’s vision whilst remaining in budget. We coordinated the wooden ceiling features in the dining area to create a sophisticated atmosphere that also concealed critical utilities. We also installed a large fish tank, which was 4 m in length and 2 m in height, and at the restaurant’s entrance.

We needed to obtain all of the necessary approvals whilst starting work on the project in order to meet the client’s budget and timeline. For the approvals, we provided very specific information to the government authorities, which made the process quicker and prevented unnecessary resubmission. We also committed work crews to the site almost every day to ensure we completed the project by the deadline. Because of our longstanding relationships with our suppliers, we expedited delivery of materials. We also provided clearly detailed 3D renderings so that our vendors and suppliers could immediately understand our requirements. By having the client complete sign off forms in advance, we also saved valuable time during each stage of the project. We were able to complete the entire project in just three months.

The most critical was big fish tank which was 4 m in length and 2 m in height at the entrance of the restaurant.
We made it with all odds in terms of services and execution.The entire work was done less than 3 months time and all approvals with completion was successfully done.


  • The client was very satisfied with our design, the speed at which we completed the project, and our respect for the budget.
  • Customers have noted how much they like the design.
  • The client appointed us to design their second Dubai restaurant, which involved redesigning a 3000 sq ft on Jumeirah Beach Road.