Our end-to-end, or “key to key” (as we like to say), design and build services take care of every detail from start to finish, and long after. As our clients’ trusted design partner, we provide support after project completion with our fast response after care services.

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Vshake, Dubai

About the Project

Client had a brand which needed a look for brand identity through its design. This concept was always for kiosk which can communicate the brand as natural, organic & healthy. We have achieved it through recycled materials like solid wood, flexible metal fixtures, LED light fixtures & green grass cladding
The impactful kiosk to convey how this brand carries health as priority.
All kiosks are ready to install with intelligent design and built in 2 nights in all mall locations.
Design and build in 2 weeks.


Vshake Dubai


Time square mall, Mercato mall, Nakheel mall


Design and Build